Receipt Scan

Stop loosing your receipts !


Features you love


The app is straight-forward: simply scan your receipts, fill a couple of details and confirm.


An intuitive web interface allows you to configure all useful settings to match your expectations.


All data transfers are SSL encrypted, and sensitive accounting informations stay on Winbiz Cloud.

Receipt Scan - Winbiz Cloud

How it works

The Receipt Scan web interface acts as a connector between Winbiz Cloud and Receipt Scan app. You need one single Winbiz account to use Receipt Scan and then add up to 5, 10 or 25 mobile users (depending on your plan) through our web interface.




Scan your receipts

The easiest and fastest way to store your receipts.

Tired to look after lost receipts? Sick of trying to sort them and entering endless entries? Receipt Scan is here for you and all Winbiz users.

Allow your colleagues and employees to use Receipt Scan app to scan all kind of receipts such as restaurants, transportation, gifts, bookstore, ... Each scan will be stored and an entry will automatically be added to your Winbiz Cloud with all necessary information.

Configure it your way

An intuitive web interface to adjust your settings.

Through your account, you will be able to set following parameters:
- Companies and fiscal years
- Accounting methods
- Payment methods
- Users and rights

You will also access the expenses' list per company and fiscal year.


We are happy to help

You are facing an issue? No panic, just ask.

As we developed this app we know every bit of it. If anything goes wrong or if you are not sure to know how to use or configure something, drop us an email to and we will do our best to solve it quickly.

You are also welcome to share your thoughts, comments and improvement ideas, we will study them carefully and will try to update it regularly with new features.

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Get your App

Download app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can download app for free, but you need to purchase a license through Winbiz App Store (Basic, Standard or Premium) in order to use it.

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  • 1
    Choose your plan

    Go to Winbiz App Store and select the plan which best suits your needs. You can choose between three options: basic, standard and premium

  • 2
    Configure your account

    Go to, log in with your Winbiz credentials and configure all requested settings (company, users, ...)

  • 3
    Enjoy scanning

    Allow all authorized employees to scan their receipts with ease! Receipt Scan is made to be simple yet powerful.


Choose your plan

BASIC CHF 6.90/m
    Up to 2 mobile users
    Up to 1'000 scans / year
    Basic Support
    Price for 1 Winbiz account
    Up to 25 mobile users
    Up to 10'000 scans / year
    Basic Support
    Price for 1 Winbiz account

Important: buy and activate the licence only for one single Winbiz user. Additional mobile users can then be added through our web interface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which data do you collect?

App itself does not store any data. The Receipt Scan web interface only stores your settings, your Winbiz credentials to connect to Winbiz API and the scanned receipts. These data are securely encrypted and will not be shared.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to Winbiz App Store regarding payment methods. App is free on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes. You simply need to subscribe to another plan through Winbiz App Store and stop previous plan subscription. Receipt Scan web interface and app will automatically embrace the new option.

Can I use this app for different companies?

Yes. All companies linked to your main Winbiz account will be available. Each user can then access one or more companies, depending to your web interface settings.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile platforms. An intuitive web interface connects your Winbiz account to your app.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

ReceiptScan, developed by Komunik Sàrl